the lotus that grew from the concrete


Soft subtle flower, in the shower of the rain. 

You show no signs of agony or pain.

Just blossoming, beautiful...

In spite....

You had to fight like hell for your right  just to grow, to be, to see, to just be, to just be FREE.

You see I fell from my former glory and in the shower of the rain I may show no signs of agony or pain, but it's time now. 

It's time now to tell the real story.

So, now will I reveal my news.

Maybe then you'll'll understand what it's like to walk in my shoes.

Wanting so desperately to be a woman, but I'm still a little girl confused. this STATE OF EMERGENCY we emerge, you emerge, I must emerge

From this cocoon, this shell, this hard exterior I portray, because for so long I've held back and held in what I really needed to say.

It was my choice to silence my voice or let it be heard.

It's long overdue to take a stand and to speak my word.

No more....No longer....will I descend, decline, and spiral downward into the abyss of depression, self hatred, low self worth,  and SILENT ANGER that has become a living hell.

A history I've been so scared to even look at, much less tell.

Nevertheless, I will grow from this mud.

I will rise from this dirt.

You admire my beauty and ignore my hurt.

And still....And still...I will rise from this mud.

I will grow from this dirt.

I will stand in this flood.

Through it ALL, I still will bud.

The pain so many inflicted, then blamed me for feeling.

I'm grateful for it all and now i"m healing. 


Veil your virtue, hide your dignity, shield your honor, and hide your purity.

Forgive yourself.  Return to who you are.

Look in the mirror for love.

It's really not that far.

For you truly are...

A soft, subtle flower...

Can't you see...

Nurture your soul....feed your spirit.

Who you were  born to be.....THE LOTUS...

The lotus that rose through the darkness.

Grew from the concrete

Blossomed for the mud

Who knows no defeat. 

Molika Dhane


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