Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to participate in A Woman's Self Worth Workout(s) and/ or Self Worth Sundays?


Your first two of each session is completely complimentary. We totally trust that you will love how you feel, within and without, and will be inspired to continue.  After which time a donation according to your soul's desire will be graciously appreciated for each session. We also encourage you to visit our store and support us on Patreon! (Coming soon)

Do you offer additional services for women seeking more intensive support?


Personal Development Department:

We offer several packages for coaching, which includes a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your present levels of performance in key areas of life, love, health, and happiness.

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Am I obligated to join a group or meet certain requirements for participation?


We are strong believers in personal freedom. Therefore, there are absolutely no obligations or demands for your participation in our workshops and sessions. You can contribute and participate at your leisure, according to your schedule, and as  your heart desires. 

Do you also service not for profit organizations and schools?


With expertise and years of experience in the field of special education we offer consulting packages to women's programs and schools where meditation, Yoga, music, dance, creative writing, and spoken word are used to stimulate motivation toward learning and accelerate academic progress.  

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How can A Woman's Self Worth help me as a business owner and/or artist?


We can help you greatly by featuring your (health  and wellness) business, services, products,  artwork, short stories, poetry, and performances on our site(s) for a nomimal fee to be seen by thousands of women seeking to connect, collaborate, and create .  

Stand. Speak. Share. Shine.

A Woman's Self Worth is Your Platform. 

Publishing opportunities to be announced!

Do you offer any mentoring services for young girls?


We are very concerned with the state of our youth, both girls and boys. In the near future, we will be forging partnerships that will support us in extending  services to this population. However, at present, we are building a network of qualified professionals and those skilled in the healing arts of meditation, Yoga, the arts and music, to support our young girls in making a safe and healthy transition to womanhood and wellness.  Donate today to sponsor the mentorship of young women in need of guidance and support.